Mrs. Dalloway Part 7 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 7 Summary and Analysis

Waking suddenly, Peter considers the park. He sees the Smith couple in their distress.

The story shifts from Peter’s point of view to Lucrezia’s thoughts. It is almost time for Septimus’ appointment with Sir William Bradshaw, the second doctor examining Septimus. Dr. Holmes cannot do anything for Septimus, and calls in the eminent Sir William.

Lucrezia frets over her marriage and her life. Although she wants to love her husband, she is indignant about her suffering, and thinks about the way her life was before Septimus. Lucrezia asks herself why she should suffer so. She knows that Septimus saw horrible things in the war, and lost a close friend, Evans, whom he had met there....

(The entire section is 434 words.)