Mrs. Dalloway Part 4 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 4 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Peter Walsh: an old friend of Clarissa’s, recently returned from India; He was a suitor of Clarissa’s, back in the Bourton days; 53-years-old

Elizabeth: Clarissa and Richard Dalloway’s 17-year-old daughter

Clarissa is mending her dress when she hears voices downstairs. It is Peter, returned from India and dropping in unexpectedly. They are pleased to see each other, yet while the conversation begins comfortably, their eyes, voices, and gestures convey the strong emotions that the reunion sparks.

Peter asks about Richard, and Clarissa mentions her party. Clarissa notices that Peter has kept his old habit of playing with his pocketknife. Part...

(The entire section is 579 words.)