Mrs. Dalloway Part 2 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 2 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Septimus Warren Smith: a man who fought in the recent World War, and has not been the same since; acts in a disturbed, disoriented fashion Lucrezia Warren Smith: Septimus’ wife, whom he met in Italy; she makes hats, and worries about Septimus and their marriage

Maisie Johnson: a young woman recently arrived in London from Edinburgh, Scotland; asks the Smiths for directions, and is bewildered by her glimpse into their unhappiness

Mrs. Dempster (Carrie): an older woman who observes Maisie Johnson; she thinks about her life, and believes herself lucky

The loud backfire that startles Clarissa comes from the car of an important personage. The people...

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