Mrs. Dalloway Part 14 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 14 Summary and Analysis

Doris Kilman sits in desolation. Upset, she rocks like a child, and as she leaves, her clumsiness makes her ridiculous. On the street, she sees Westminster Cathedral, which calms and inspires her. Mr. Fletcher, a friend, sees her in the crowd. He views her with pity and compassion, but he fails to stop and talk with her.

Elizabeth waits for a public bus. People have started comparing her to parts of nature, and this bothers her. She has no desire to be noticed, but her unusual, almost oriental looks and her
blossoming womanhood, raise the interests of others.

Through the whirl of colors and movement, Elizabeth’s thoughts come to the reader. She shows compassion for Kilman, yet...

(The entire section is 430 words.)