Mrs. Dalloway Part 11 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 11 Summary and Analysis

The section begins with a meditation on time, and the clock under which Hugh Whitbread, on his way to Lady Bruton’s, stops to watch the world around him. He is satisfied with what he sees. He feels confident, aware of his strengths, and does not allow the malice of others to affect his peace.

Lady Bruton considers her lunch guests. She considers Richard clearly superior to Hugh, but she is glad to see them both, to ask their help with a small task. The three sit for a sumptuous lunch before business. Bruton often wonders about what she could have accomplished if only she had been born a man.

During the conversation, Lady Bruton asks about Clarissa, and Richard stops to think about her...

(The entire section is 492 words.)