Mrs. Dalloway Part 10 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Part 10 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Dr. Holmes: as revealed in the narrator’s tale of Septimus’ illness, he is recommended by Mrs. Filmer, the Smith’s cook

Sir William Bradshaw: the eminent and almost godlike doctor called in to aid Septimus

The narrative of Septimus’ illness continues. Once he “surrendered” to the influence of others, Dr. Holmes begins to visit. He advises Septimus to take up hobbies. Yet while others think the doctor a wonderful man, he becomes a dreaded enemy from Septimus’ point of view, a man whose jovial attitude hides fiendish machinations and a cunning nature.

When Rezia seems to agree with Holmes’ advice, Septimus feels betrayed and...

(The entire section is 629 words.)