Historical Context

Science and Technology
The end of the nineteenth century brought many developments in science and technology that had a direct...

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Literary Style

‘‘Mrs. Bathurst’’ is set in an isolated railway car on a beach in Glengariff Bay, South Africa, where the...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

Bodelsen, C. A. ‘‘The Hardest of All the Stories: ‘Mrs. Bathurst,’’’ in Aspects of Kipling’s Art,...

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Compare and Contrast

1904: South Africa, initially colonized by the Dutch, is ruled by the British Commonwealth. The British Navy is the preeminent...

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Topics for Further Study

Research the history of film from its development in France and America to its popularity before World War I. How did movies affect the lives...

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What Do I Read Next?

Rudyard Kipling’s novel, Kim (1901), chronicles the story of a young Irish boy growing up in India during the waning years of...

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