(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Francis “Facey” Romford

Francis “Facey” Romford, who is often mistaken for his wealthy namesake and capitalizes on this fact. Using the other’s stationery, he becomes Master of Hounds of the Heavyside Hunt. After living well in the hunt country, he marries a dowdy but rich young woman, moves to Australia, and becomes prosperous.

Francis Romford, Esquire

Francis Romford, Esquire, the aristocratic owner of Abbeyfield Park, whom Facey pretends to be.

Francis Gilroy

Francis Gilroy, Facey’s cattle-jobbing uncle, who employs Facey.

The Widow Gilroy

The Widow Gilroy, a sharp-faced woman who discharges Facey immediately after her husband’s death.

Jogglebury Crowdey

Jogglebury Crowdey, a neighbor from whom Facey hurriedly borrows fifty pounds before news of his discharge following his uncle’s death circulates in the area.

Soapey Sponge

Soapey Sponge, who once cheated Facey. He deserts his wife and ships to Australia, where he becomes wealthy. He and Facey eventually become banking partners in Australia.

Lucy Glitters

Lucy Glitters, Soapey’s wife who, as Facey’s “half-sister, Mrs. Somerville,” helps his fox-hunting ventures.

Mrs. Sidney Benson,

Mrs. Sidney Benson, Lucy’s mother, who helps manage Beldon Hall.

The countess of...

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