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Characters Discussed

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Francis “Facey” Romford

Francis “Facey” Romford, who is often mistaken for his wealthy namesake and capitalizes on this fact. Using the other’s stationery, he becomes Master of Hounds of the Heavyside Hunt. After living well in the hunt country, he marries a dowdy but rich young woman, moves to Australia, and becomes prosperous.

Francis Romford, Esquire

Francis Romford, Esquire, the aristocratic owner of Abbeyfield Park, whom Facey pretends to be.

Francis Gilroy

Francis Gilroy, Facey’s cattle-jobbing uncle, who employs Facey.

The Widow Gilroy

The Widow Gilroy, a sharp-faced woman who discharges Facey immediately after her husband’s death.

Jogglebury Crowdey

Jogglebury Crowdey, a neighbor from whom Facey hurriedly borrows fifty pounds before news of his discharge following his uncle’s death circulates in the area.

Soapey Sponge

Soapey Sponge, who once cheated Facey. He deserts his wife and ships to Australia, where he becomes wealthy. He and Facey eventually become banking partners in Australia.

Lucy Glitters

Lucy Glitters, Soapey’s wife who, as Facey’s “half-sister, Mrs. Somerville,” helps his fox-hunting ventures.

Mrs. Sidney Benson,

Mrs. Sidney Benson, Lucy’s mother, who helps manage Beldon Hall.

The countess of Caperington

The countess of Caperington, who, while the actress wife of dissipated Sir Henry Scattercash, had known Lucy.

Betsy Shannon

Betsy Shannon, another theatrical friend, introduced as Miss Hamilton Howard.

Mr. and Mrs. Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Watkins, of Australia. Wealthy but crude and vulgar, they are members of the Larkspur Hunt.

Cassandra Cleopatra

Cassandra Cleopatra, their simpering daughter, who is looking for a husband. She finally gets Facey.

Mr. Hazey

Mr. Hazey, the master of the neighboring Hard and Sharp Hunt.

Bill Hazey

Bill Hazey, his son.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria, Hazey’s daughter, in love with Facey.

Jonathan Lotherington

Jonathan Lotherington, a fat, timid huntsman who resigns from the Hunt when Facey shows up his poor horsemanship.

Goodhearted Green

Goodhearted Green, a shady horse trader who provides three vicious mounts for the hunt. He calls himself Sir Roger Ferguson.

Mrs. Rowley Rounding

Mrs. Rowley Rounding, who is thrown by one of the vicious horses provided by Goodhearted Green.

Colonel Chatterbox

Colonel Chatterbox, who demands the return of Mrs. Rounding’s money, a demand Facey refuses.

Daniel Swig

Daniel Swig and

Tom Chowey

Tom Chowey, cheap and inefficient grooms hired by Facey.

Lord Viscount Lovetin

Lord Viscount Lovetin, who rents Beldon Hall to Facey. He returns unexpectedly and promptly dispossesses the “wrong” Mr. Romford.

Mr. Lonnergan

Mr. Lonnergan, Lord Lovetin’s agent.

Lovetin Lonnergan

Lovetin Lonnergan, his son, who marries Miss Hamilton Howard.

Mrs. Mustard

Mrs. Mustard, the housekeeper of Beldon Hall and the mother of three daughters, called “The Dirties.”

Mr. Stotfold

Mr. Stotfold, who provides a stag for the hunt.


Proudlock, Facey’s stable keeper.

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