The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Settlers on Mars develop a largely self-sustaining culture and economy that draws Earth’s suspicions and envy. Ultimately, they must move their planet to avoid mutual destruction. The story, told by Casseia Majumdar, begins when she impulsively joins students at the University of Mars in demonstrating against the Statist party, which wants to bring Mars under centralized control. The Statists are attempting to undercut the decentralized power of the Binding Multiples, the business clans that control the planet. Although the demonstration apparently fails, the Statist insurgents eventually flee to Earth.

During the demonstration, Casseia meets Charles Franklin, with whom she forms a close bond. She rejects his courtship, however, when she learns that he has applied to establish a Quantum Logic link with an Earth computer in order to study quantum physics.

Continuing her study of Govmanagement, she has the opportunity to join a group that travels to Earth to testify in the U.S. Senate concerning Mars’s economic links with Earth. After a journey of months in a fusion-powered craft, her group reaches Earth, which in the late twenty-second century has never been happier, despite an extraordinarily high population density. Constant therapy enables people to live in relative harmony, product and resource shortages are solved by efficient recycling methods, and political decisions are based on economic benefit.

Leaders on Earth seem...

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