Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)

*New Orleans

*New Orleans. Louisiana’s biggest city, in whose Garden District Aunt Emily and Uncle Jules Cutrer live in a large house with their African American servants and their daughter Kate, Binx Bolling’s cousin. Frequently Aunt Emily, Binx’s great aunt, attempts to convince him to embrace her patrician and stoical attitudes, symbolized in her life in this home.

Binx has chosen to work as a stockbroker in a branch of Uncle Jules’s brokerage firm and to live in Elysian Fields in Gentilly, a middle-class suburb. His basement apartment in Mrs. Schexnaydre’s bungalow, which he furnishes with the latest appliances, contrasts sharply with the more formal living arrangements of Aunt Emily, with her antique furniture and uniformed servants, and with the Bolling’s ancestral home in Feliciana Parish. In Greek and Roman mythology Elysium, or the Elysian Fields, were where the souls of heroes resided after death. In this land of sunshine and fragrant flowers, souls existed joyously. Binx prefers the sameness of Gentilly to the old world humor of the French Quarter, where he lived for two years, and the genteel charm of the Garden District, where Aunt Emily lives. The movie theaters Binx visits for escape from everydayness are also located in Gentilly.

Bayou des Allemonds

Bayou des Allemonds (BI-yew dehz-ah-leh-MAWN). Summer fishing camp for Binx’s mother, stepfather, and their children. Binx spent...

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