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When do Gilles and Mollie meet in The Mousetrap?

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Giles and Mollie Ralston met at a dance in London about a year and three weeks before the opening of the play. They have been married a year, and they met three weeks before their wedding.

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In Agatha Christie's play The Mousetrap, Giles and Mollie Ralston have been married almost exactly one year. They had met at a dance in London only three weeks before their marriage, as Mollie tells Trotter. This is important because Trotter uses it to plant doubts in Mollie's mind about her husband.

After all, Mollie really knows very little about Giles other than what her husband has told her. He parents are dead, but his father had been a barrister. Trotter reminds Mollie, however, that all she has for that story is Giles's word. He remarks that such things happen all the time; a young woman marries a man knowing nothing about him, and he turns out to be a criminal.

Mollie insists that such is not true of Giles. After all, he was nowhere near London when the murder Trotter is investigating was committed. Trotter asks Mollie if Giles was at home then, but Mollie is forced to say no. Giles had gone to get wire netting for the chickens that day. Trotter asks if he brought any back, and Mollie says he did not, for he could not find the right kind. She continues to insist that Giles was not in London. Her husband is not “some horrible crazy homicidal maniac,” she declares. Yet Trotter finds a London newspaper in Giles's overcoat.

Mollie still refuses to believe that her husband has anything to do with the murder, yet Trotter has planted some seeds of doubt in Mollie's mind, which is exactly what he has intended to do.

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