Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World Part II, Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

Tracy Kidder

Part II, Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

In 1983, with Ophelia out of Haiti, Farmer traveled from Mirebalais to Cange with Fritz Lafontant, a Haitian Anglican priest. Lafontant had set up a basic health clinic in Mirebalais and was trying to serve smaller communities like Cange through building it a chapel and school. Farmer did not stay in Cange, but traveled throughout Haiti. He lived with the peasants and he ate with them, resulting in a case of dysentery so intense that an American public health authority wanted to send him home. He recovered, and he studied all aspects of Haitian life at close range. He talked with the peasants about their lives and went to voodoo ceremonies. Through these direct experiences, Farmer grew clearer on what...

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