Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World Part II, Chapter 11 Summary and Analysis

Tracy Kidder

Part II, Chapter 11 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 11 begins with Farmer's return to Haiti in a wheelchair (due to his broken leg) in December of 1988. He finds Haiti politically agitated. The peasants protest and try to oust any remnants of the former Duvalier power structure; the military government who took over after Duvalier and rule with U.S. aid and support strike back even more violently. The result is considerable social upheaval, and a society where patients might be killed in their hospital beds and voters at the polls. The small Catholic churches of the Haitian countryside are the seedbeds of political resistance. In 1986, Farmer was excited to hear one of these priests, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, articulate the political theology he...

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