Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World Part I, Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Tracy Kidder

Part I, Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 3 begins with Kidder's arrival in Haiti. Farmer sent a truck to pick him up, and Kidder rides with a group of Haitians along National Highway 3. The thirty-five-mile trip from the capital Port-au-Prince to the village Cange takes three hours. Once there, Kidder visits Farmer's clinic Zammi Lasante (which means "Partners in Health" in Creole). Kidder follows Farmer on his rounds, watching Farmer interact with countless sick and desperately poor Haitians. The clinic has seventy community health workers, but it is the main source of health care for roughly one million peasants, many of whom travel long distances by foot or on donkey to see "Doktè Paul."

Officially everyone treated at...

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