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What is the most important feature in the poem "The Mother"?

Expert Answers

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I think that one of the most important features in Brooks' poem is the vision of the subject.  The way in which the mother's character is developed in the poem is a powerful one.  Brooks creates a character that fully grasps the implications of loss in a larger scope of consciousness.  This is powerful and one of the most important features because it helps bring out richness and depth to the protagonist in the poem.  To explore the character in both social conditions of poverty and psychological conditions of loss of loved ones helps bring out the salient elements of the mother's character.  When we understand the closing line, there is a real sense of powerful depth within the character, one that depicts her as a character that takes ownership for her actions and her surroundings.  She is willing to accept the psychological implications of her life and her state of being in the world, which is something that constitutes as an important feature of the poem.

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