Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Characters

Rodman Philbrick


Homer P. Figg

Homer P. Figg is the main character and narrator of the novel. He has a penchant for exaggerating the truth and a sense of humor that shows itself in his derisive commentary of human nature. Despite his young age, Homer displays courage and bravery his quest to find his older brother Harold, who has been sold illegally to the Union army. Although he finds himself in life-threatening situations, he responds with courage and creativity to improve his circumstances and get himself closer to his goal.

Harold Figg

Homer’s seventeen-year-old brother, Harold, has been Homer’s caregiver and protector for his entire life. He does a good job of instilling morals and a memory of their mother into Homer. Harold is also quite courageous; he repeatedly stands up to their cruel uncle Squint, which elicits beatings and punishments. Yet he does it to protect Homer and provide for both of their needs. For most of the story Harold is absent, although he is forefront in Homer’s heart and mind as he searches for him. At the end, Harold demonstrates remarkable bravery on the battlefield and also shows his readiness to move on from acting as protector to his little brother.

Squinton Leach

Homer and Harold’s cruel uncle Squint is a greedy farmer who sells Harold to the army to get money. He abuses and mistreats Harold and Homer and shows hatred and bitterness for most other people and things in life.

William “Stink” Mullins

William’s nickname of Stink is an apt one. Homer describes him as the smelliest creature he has ever been around. Stink is in the business of capturing escaped slaves for profit, along with any other nefarious plots to earn money that he can think of. He captures Homer and coerces him into spying on a suspected Underground Railroad worker.

Ebenezer Smelt

Smelt is Stink’s partner in...

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