silhouette of a man with one eye open hiding in the jungle

The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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Pre-Reading "Most Dangerous Game"

by Crystal Hoffmann

  • Released February 12, 2019
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The Most Dangerous Game

Non-Fiction and Internet Search Engine Practice

Directions: You must use the Internet to find the answers. You should use a search engine that you are familiar with. You must answer each question using a complete sentence unless you are asked to “list” or “define”. You must also list the website where you found your information. Make sure that the websites you use are reputable sources.

  • What date was The Most Dangerous Game originally published? (Provide the month, day, and year in your complete sentence).
  • What was the name of the award The Most Dangerous Game won the year it was published?
  • Define cannibal.
  • There are about 140 species that have cannibalistic tendencies. List 10 of these species.
  • Find and explain 3 common superstitions that people in the United States believe in.
  • How long is the Amazon River?
  • Where is the Mouth or Delta of the Amazon River located? (I’m looking for a city and/or country)
  • Why is it illegal to hunt jaguars in the United States?
  • What connects the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Mexico?
  • The Most Dangerous Game has also been known by a different title- what is that title?
  • Explain who Arthur Leigh Allen is and how he is connected to The MostDangerous Game.
  • Who played Rainsford in the 1932 film adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game?


This pre-reading activity is a non-fiction activity that students complete on the Internet that answers questions related to the short story "Most Dangerous Game". Students have a really fun time completing it and learn things they never thought they would learn in an English class.