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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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The Most Dangerous Game: Reading Activities

by Leslie Wannamaker

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade Levels

Grade 9


Directions: Write the name of the two main characters above the circles below. List ten ways the characters are unique in the corresponding circle. List seven ways the characters are alike in the overlapping area. You will need to use a separate color for each character and both colors in the overlapping section.

"The Most Dangerous Game" Study Questions

Directions: Answer each question below using complete sentences.

  • How does Rainsford's attitude toward the superstition surround Ship-Trap Island foreshadow events to come?
  • What does Rainsford hear that draws him too close to the ship's rail?
  • What character qualities are revealed by Rainsford's struggle after falling overboard? (What do we learn about him from this?)
  • How does the General's appearance influence Rainsford's first impression?
  • What type of mood is created by the author's use of a medieval chateau?
  • What is ironic about the General's statement that he treats his "visitors with every consideration"?
  • What is the General's opinion of hunting?
  • Why (or how) has his opinion evolved?
  • Why wouldn't the General be concerned that Rainsford does not commit to remain silent about the island?
  • Why does Rainsford agree to be hunted?
  • Do you think Rainsford will continue to hunt? Explain.
  • Could "survival of the fittest" be a main idea in this story? Explain.
  • Give an example of a metaphor from the text.
  • Define hyperbole.
  • Give an example of a hyperbole from the text.
  • Select one of the following questions to explore in greater detain. You will need to write at least 4 paragraphs in the appropriate format. Be sure you proof read your work and correct any mistakes.
  • A. Richard Connell began his career working for the school newspaper. Write a newspaper article that details Rainsford's experience on Ship-Trap Island.
  • B. Write a journal entry that Zaroff might have written explaining why Rainsford is such an excellent choice for his game.
  • C. Write a note that Rainsford leaves behind for Zaroff, if Zaroff happens to win.


These are two activities to be completed during or after reading "The Most Dangerous Game." There is a Venn Diagram activity as well as study guide questions.