Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Although Morley Callaghan was a masterful short-story writer, he also won recognition for his many novels, the most highly regarded being Such Is My Beloved (1934), More Joy in Heaven (1937), The Loved and the Lost (1951), and Close to the Sun Again (1977). He is also the author of a novella (No Man’s Meat), a children’s book (Luke Baldwin’s Vow, 1948), and three plays (To Tell the Truth, pr. 1949; Turn Home Again, pr. 1940; and Season of the Witch, pb. 1976). He recorded some of his stories for children, and others, such as Luke Baldwin’s Vow, have been filmed. Starting his career as a journalist, Callaghan contributed articles and essays to newspapers and journals throughout his life. His nonfiction works include the text for a book of John de Visser’s photographs, entitled Winter (1974), and That Summer in Paris: Memories of Tangled Friendships with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Some Others (1963), an entertaining account of the heady days in Paris in 1929, when he socialized with Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, and other writers. Throughout his life, Callaghan continued to make significant contributions to Canadian cultural life as a book reviewer and essayist as well as a novelist.