Morley Callaghan Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Morley Callaghan Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Much has been made of Morley Callaghan’s streamlined style—in his own words, the art of getting the writing down “so directly that it wouldn’t feel or look like literature.” Callaghan wished to achieve an effect that was “transparent as glass.” Life should be delineated without embellishment and to a large extent without metaphor. The language should be stripped of all artistic and symbolic associations, and objects should be seen as they are, like painter Paul Cézanne’s apples, which are merely apples and yet capture the essence of apples. The central ideas of Callaghan’s style are that reality must be accepted for what it is and that reality can be conveyed directly and simply. Leon Edel has suggested that this...

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