More than Dreams

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Kate Marchand, president and general manager of the highly rated television station WLYM in Boston, is a woman very much in control. When the station’s ratings begin to slip, she hires a dynamic up-and-coming broadcaster, Kim Winston, for the six o’clock news program. Kim, still recovering from the untimely death of her husband a year earlier, relocates from New York to seek a better life for herself and her son, Jason. Kate, whose childless marriage has left her with a different set of insecurities, finds herself dependent upon Kim’s talents to build a television empire.

As daily crises at the station unfold (political pressures, a drug-ring infiltration, legal ramifications of Kim’s investigative reporting), the friendship between Kate and Kim matures to a level of respect and admiration. Kim’s sudden kidnapping by terrorists threatens to compromise the station’s integrity, as Kate bargains for Kim’s safety, risking her life and marriage in a harrowing rescue of the young broadcaster. The event provides a turning point in both women’s lives, as they discover not only the limits of their careers, but also their true feelings about love and the importance of friendship.

MORE THAN DREAMS is more than an expose of the realities of broadcast journalism. It is the story of two women, each recognizing her responsibility to the community as a journalist while allowing her emotions to lead her through an intricate maze of romance, intrigue, power, wealth, politics, and scandal.