Mordecai Richler Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Mordecai Richler Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In an article titled “Why I Write,” Mordecai Richler repeats the honest answer given by George Orwell to the same question: sheer egotism, aesthetic enthusiasm, political purposes, and historical impulse. These reasons, modified by Richler’s unique perception, are clues to the form and content of his work.

Richler’s egotistical desire to be talked about was, no doubt, fulfilled, as he was the victim of attacks from both Jews and Protestants for what they considered to be unjust satiric portraits of their respective communities. He even said that to be a Jew and a Canadian is to emerge from the ghetto twice, as a sense of self-consciousness and envy pervades both societies. His satire, however, even when confined...

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