The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The story of Moonheart focuses on Tamson House, an ancient house in Ottawa, and its owners, Jamie Tams and Sara Kendell. While unpacking boxes, they come across an old medicine bag with a gold ring in it, a flat bone disk, and a watercolor painting of a Celtic harper sharing a peace pipe with a blue-eyed Indian. Jamie, Sara’s uncle, sends the bone disk out to be analyzed at the museum. The museum in turn informs the Royal Canadian Mounted Police because the disk is similar in appearance to a bag of bone disks that the museum previously had been asked to analyze. Those disks belonged to Thomas Hengwyr, who is now missing and for whom a manhunt is being conducted.

At the same time, Kieran Foy arrives in Ottawa with a panicked feeling that something has happened to his teacher, Thomas Hengwyr. Kieran discovers that the Paranormal Research Branch wants both him and Hengwyr, and he slips from their grasp. Knowing that he will be followed, Kieran goes underground. Sara Kendell, after receiving clues during her police interrogation with Inspector John Tucker, sets out to find Kieran Foy for herself. The two meet, but Hengwyr’s magical enemy appears. The policeman who had been tailing Sara and Kieran raises his gun to take the two into custody, then turns into a wolflike monster and rushes at Sara and Kieran. They both hear the drumming of the manitou spirits protecting them, then wake up in the distant past.

It is there that Sara meets Taliesin, a mythological bard with whom she falls in love. She stays with...

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