Moon of Three Rings Critical Essays

Andre Norton


(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Moon of Three Rings introduced the Moon of Three Rings series, also known as the Moonsinger sequence, which includes Exiles of the Stars (1971), Flight in Yiktor (1986), and Dare to Go A-Hunting (1990). Vorlund and Maelen continue to experience the effects of their first adventure on Yiktor, but subsequent novels are set on other planets as well. Vorlund and Maelen continue to grow as individuals and friends while they search for a home in a largely hostile universe. They hope to change the dominant human behavior, enacted throughout the galaxy, of controlling and abusing animals.

This series uses several background ideas that are part of a number of other series by Andre Norton comprising more than thirty books (for example, the Solar Queen series). The government of this interplanetary civilization is enforced by the Stellar Patrol. It has a capitalist system called the Combine, small entrepreneurs called the Free Traders, and organized criminals in the Thieves Guild. Far-flung planets were once visited by the Forerunners, an ancient multispecies civilization that continues to affect life millennia after its passing. All the books can be read independently, but they tell a more complex, galaxywide saga when read together.

Moon of Three Rings originally was marketed to a juvenile audience and was a Junior Literary Guild selection in 1966. Norton, however, pushes beyond the boundaries of typical...

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