Monty Python

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James Stourton

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Few books of films are as complete as that of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the entire dialogue including corrections and crossings out and a bit of related material such as accountant's statements which show an almost antiquarian interest. Apart from a few moments of marvellous bathos I didn't think the film was successful, as the essence of Monty Python is the very imaginative editing of skits and cartoons which really are "completely different". I doubt if many, except the most avid Monty Python fans, will want to plod through this very thick, type-written book. (pp. 674-75)

James Stourton, "The Good Loo Books," in Punch (© 1977 by Punch Publications Ltd.; all rights reserved; may not be reprinted without permission), Vol. 273, October 12, 1977, pp. 674-75.∗

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