Monty Python

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Blaine Allen

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It is difficult, one must admit, to write anything clever after viewing a film which includes such episodes as "Hell's Grannies," "Joke Warfare," the brand-new television game show, "Herbert Anchovy Presents BLACKMAIL," and, inevitably, "The Upper Class Twit of the Year Race." These and other sketches are the substance of [And Now For Something Completely Different,] one of the most hilarious and original movies to come along in a while. (p. 22)

As far as the cinema world is concerned, And Now For Something Completely Different is. One cannot enter the theatre expecting any kind of narrative. In fact, one cannot expect any kind of sanity or human reason at all….

[Even] for those who have seen the sketches before, the material is still fresh and as funny as ever. (p. 23)

Blaine Allen, "'And Now for Something Completely Different'," in Take One (copyright © 1972 by Unicorn Publishing Corp.), Vol. 3, No. 5, May-June, 1971, pp. 22-3.

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