Monster Overview Quiz

In Monster Walter Dean Myers employs an unconventional narrative technique by blending third person screenplay and diary entries to tell the story of Steve, a young African American teen on trial for murder. Be sure you understand Steve's journey by taking the quiz over this popular novel for young adults from eNotes. 

  1. Why do some store owners who get robbed not report the crime?

  2. What role had Steve allegedly played in the commission of the crime?

  3. What does Steve's mother bring him?

  4. How does Alguinaldo Nesbitt die?

  5. What reason does Osvaldo Cruz give for participating in the crime?

  6. What is Steve chronicling in his journal?

  7. What is Steve's fear regarding the jury?

  8. What did Steve's father hope he would become?

  9. How are Steve's memories of life before this event depicted?

  10. Why does Steve start to gag while mopping the floor?