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Who is Jose Delgado in Monster?

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José Delgado is Mr. Nesbitt's former employee. He found Mr. Nesbitt's body in the drugstore after he was murdered. It's notable that Mr. Nesbitt's murder took place while José was on his lunch-break, as he's known for being a competitive martial artist and could have defended Mr. Nesbitt from attack.

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Though a minor character in the story, José Delgado is the first to discover the murder of his employer Mr. Nesbitt. It was José who found Mr. Nesbitt's body in the drugstore and was then able to raise the alarm. He'd been on his lunch-break when the murder happened, so he's not an eyewitness to events.

It's unfortunate for Mr. Nesbitt that José wasn't around when the robbers came into his store. José is well-known in the local community as a martial arts champ and he would immediately have sprung into action to protect his employer from the gang. In fact, it's almost certain that the criminals chose to rob Mr. Nesbitt's store when they did precisely because they knew that José wouldn't be around.

Though José didn't see what happened, he's immediately able to put two and two together once he's arrived on the scene. He notices that several cartons of cigarettes are missing and that money's been stolen from the cash register. During the subsequent trial of Steve Harmon and the others, José is called as a witness for the prosecution. But as José is not an eyewitness to the events that occurred in the store that day, his testimony neither hurts nor helps Steve's case.

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