In Monster, who is Dorothy Moore and how does her testimony support Petrocelli's case?

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Dorothy Moore is James King's cousin who testifies that James came to her house at 3:30 p.m. on the day of the robbery and murder. Dorothy acts as King's alibi in hopes of proving to the jury that he was not in the drugstore while the crime was being committed. When Petrocelli questions Dorothy, she asks her several questions about James King. Dorothy's testimony reveals that she is not particularly close to her cousin, which raises suspicions as to why James randomly visited her. Dorothy goes on to tell Petrocelli that James gave her a lamp as a Christmas present during the visit. When Petrocelli asks if she still has the lamp, Dorothy admits that she does not have it anymore because it broke. Dorothy's questionable responses support Petrocelli's case because her testimony is inconsistent and suspicious. Petrocelli reveals Dorothy's fabricated testimony and dismisses her as a relative trying to help out a family member.

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