Monster Summary (Frank Peretti)

Frank Peretti


(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Monster takes place in a northwest forest where an unsuspecting couple is embarking on a well-planned back-to-nature survival trek in the wilderness. Instead of the much anticipated weekend retreat they find themselves tangled in a cover-up of genetic misdeeds. The main character, Beck, finds herself snared and at the same time transparently rescued by mysterious woodland creatures. Her Husband, Reed, a local sheriff, leads a rescue team composed of their good friends including Sing, a forensic specialist, and her Husband, Cap, a former biology professor at a nearby college, along with a host of other recruits into the woods to track the mysterious creature that grabbed his wife.

A bear is the suspected culprit for the trail of bodies that begins to emerge as the search for Beck unfolds. Evidence continues to mount that Beck is most likely dead at the hands of the killer bear but just as her friends begin to mourn, new evidence is found that she is alive and so the search continues. The non-stop fast-paced drama of both the search and rescue teams along with Beck's struggle for survival at the hands of her captors continually generate anticipation for the next chapter as the story unfolds.

Frank Peretti weaves a thrilling tale that mixes fact with science fiction. His descriptive writing style and detailed maps outlining the sequence of events bring the story visually to life. Monster is a tale not only of faith, self-discovery, and survival, but also a story alluding to the dangers of human attempts to create new life forms through unscrupulous genetic manipulation. Christian undertones in Monster, while present, are extremely subtle. Monster is a suspense-filled adventure story that will prove difficult to put down.