(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Vandome (vah[n]-DOHM), a noble young gentleman, the platonic lover of Marcellina. He untangles all the complications of the plot with his intelligence and courtesy.

Count Vaumont

Count Vaumont (Voh-MOH[N]), the jealous but repentant husband of Marcellina. His jealousy leads her to take an oath to retire from society and turn night into day and day into night.


Marcellina (mahr-seh-LEE-nah), the angry wife of Vaumont. She allows Vandome to arouse her own jealousy over her husband’s supposed infidelity and breaks her vow of seclusion to catch him. Reconciliation follows.


Eurione (ewr-YOHN), Marcellina’s sister, in love with Count St. Anne.

Count St. Anne

Count St. Anne (sahn-TAHN), Vandome’s brother-in-law. Loving his dead wife and grieved almost to madness, he keeps her embalmed body constantly with him. Vandome persuades him to speak to Eurione on his behalf. Seeing her, he falls in love with her and abandons his morbid worship of his dead wife.

Duke Philip

Duke Philip, St. Anne’s friendly superior. Failing to convert St. Anne to reasonable behavior, he decides to send an embassy to the king to request an order for the wife’s burial. He chooses, humorously, the ridiculous Monsieur d’Olive as his ambassador.

Monsieur d’Olive

Monsieur d’Olive (doh-LEEV), an idle, self-satisfied wit. Appointed as the duke’s emissary, he wastes time gathering a host of followers and accepting money from them. Vandome’s labors make the embassy unnecessary, but the duke graciously gives Monsieur d’Olive a place in his entourage.