Monique Wittig Roger Sale - Essay

Roger Sale

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[It may] be that the refusal of Wittig's Les Guérillères to act like much of a novel at all will be taken as a sign of its newness and originality. The book is about a time when women live as guerrillas, by themselves, fighting men, seeking a new age; its techniques are mostly impersonal and their aim is to achieve something like epic distance and grandeur. But though the idea of such a book may well raise high hopes in at least some readers, the book itself turns out to be, sadly, oddly, at times almost maddeningly, quite dull. (p. 23)

[Les Guérillères] has no confining or even definite point of view, and the form is simply a series of passages, ranging in length from thirty to 500...

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