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Molloy is the main character of the story and the focus of part one of the book. Molloy explains that he's bedridden at his mother's and is required to write his story by a man who visits to take the papers he's written and drop off money. He says that he was traveling to see his mother when he experienced a series of events. He saw two people meet on a road. He was imprisoned and released. He accidentally killed a dog and went to live with its owner. After he escapes her house, he attacks a man and finally, leaving him, falls into a ditch when his physical ailments catch up with him.

His mother is probably dead when the story begins, though Molloy isn't sure whether that was the case when he arrived back at the house.

Lousse is the woman that Molloy goes to live with. He isn't positive that her name is Lousse. She's a hairy woman and he is suspicious that she might be plotting to hurt him. She treats him well, however, while he's there with her.

Jacques Moran is the focus of the second part of the book. He accepts a contract to find Molloy. As the story continues, he becomes more confused and disoriented. Finally, he returns home, having quarreled with his son and been sent back by the agent of the man who contracted him to undertake the mission.

Jacques Moran, the younger, is the son of the man sent to find Molloy. His father says he is thirteen or fourteen and a little less intelligent than average. The man who contracts his father insists the son goes as well. After his father is increasingly mean and less coherent, he leaves him. His father says in the end that his son is well but that's all he's going to say.

Youdi is the man who sends Gaber to tell Moran to find Molloy. He eventually commands him to go home as well. Moran doesn't know much about him.

Gaber is the man who acts for Youdi. He comes to Moran to send him to find Molloy. Moran says he is a messenger and not an agent like Moran himself.