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Parts 5-7 - Moll’s Later Adventures In and Out of Marriage: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What distinguished Moll’s affair with the gentleman of Bath from her previous relationships?

2. How did Moll view her relationship with the gentleman of Bath?

3. How did Moll meet Jemy, her fourth husband?

4. What distinguished Moll’s relationship with Jemy from her previous relationships?

5. Why did Jemy leave Moll?

6. What did Moll do after Jemy left her?

7. What convinced Moll to place herself in the care of the governess?

8. How does Moll describe her efforts to manipulate the banker?

9. How many children did Moll have with the banker?

10. How old was Moll when the banker died?

1. Moll carried on her relationship with the gentleman of Bath even though she knew that he would never take her as his wife.

2. During her affair with the gentleman of Bath, Moll thought of herself as a ‘whore,’ but she enjoyed the money and security he provided her.

3. Moll was introduced to Jemy, her fourth husband, by a Lancashire woman who made Moll believe that Jemy was a wealthy aristocrat.

4. In contrast to her feelings about her previous husbands, Moll loved Jemy more than any man she had ever met before.

5. Moll and Jemy parted when he went off to make his fortune in Ireland.

6. After Jemy left her, Moll resolved to renew her relationship with the banker.

7. Moll placed herself in the governess’s care after the governess presented her with a detailed “bill of fare.” Although she was somewhat hesitant to rely on a woman who made a living assisting prostitutes, Moll realized that the governess was ideally suited to help her deal with her ‘delicate’ situation.

8. Of her dealings with the banker, Moll recalls, “I played with this lover as an angler does a trout.”

9. Moll and the banker had two children.

10. When the banker died, Moll was forty-eight years old.