Moll Flanders Parts 3-4 - Moll’s Early Adventures in Marriage

Daniel Defoe

Parts 3-4 - Moll’s Early Adventures in Marriage

Part Three: The Draper
New Characters:
The Draper: Moll’s second husband

The Linen Draper: Moll’s landlord after the death of her first husband

The Linen Draper’s sister: the woman who introduces Moll to her second husband

Vowing to find a rich husband before her savings ran out, Moll took a room in the home of a linen-draper. She soon discovered that the linen-draper desired her to become his mistress, but she decided to hold out for a man who would take her as his wife. Moll turned to the linen-draper’s sister, a somewhat dissolute woman of wide acquaintance, to help her locate a suitable catch. The linen-draper’s sister introduced Moll to a...

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