Moll Flanders Parts 11-14 - Repentance and Prosperity

Daniel Defoe

Parts 11-14 - Repentance and Prosperity

Part Eleven: Newgate Prison
New Character:
The minister: a clergyman who visits Moll in prison and convinces her to repent

When Moll first came to Newgate and found herself trapped in the noise, stench, filth, and gloom of the place, she was filled with terror. The complete disorder she encountered, along with the utterly depraved characters she saw drinking and playing cards in the wretched rooms, convinced her that she had truly descended into hell. Gradually, however, as she reflected on how long she had expected to be placed there and saw how many of the inmates had likewise been expecting her arrival, she began to adjust to her new home.

As horrible as Newgate...

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