Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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Principal Works

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An Appeal to Every Briton in South Africa (essay) 1894

The Indian Franchise: An Appeal (essay) 1894

"Hind Swaraj; or, Indian Home Rule" (essay) 1909; published in journal Indian Opinion

Speeches and Writings of Mahatma Gandhi (essays and speeches) 1917

A Guide to Health (handbook) 1920

An Autobiography; or, The Story of My Experiments with Truth. 2 vols. (autobiography) 1927-29

Satyagraha in South Africa (autobiography) 1928; revised edition, 1950

From Yeravda Mandir (letters) 1933

Cent per Cent Swadeshi; or, The Economics of Village Industries (nonfiction) 1938

Christian Missions: Their Place in India (nonfiction) 1941

Constructive Programme: Its Meaning and Place (essay) 1941

Economics of Khadi (nonfiction) 1941

The Indian States' Problem (nonfiction) 1941

Women and Social Injustice (nonfiction) 1942

Non-Violence in Peace and War. 2 vols. (philosophy) 1942-49

Gandhiji's Correspondence with the Government, 1942-44 (letters) 1945

The Gospel of Selfless Action; or, The Gita According to Gandhi (philosophy) 1946

Dehli Diary (meditations and speeches) 1948

Bapu's Letters to Mira (letters) 1949; also published as Gandhi's Letters to a Disciple, 1950

Satyagraha: Non-Violent Resistance (philosophy) 1951

Sarvodaya (philosophy) 1954

The Removal of Untouchability (nonfiction) 1954

Truth Is God (philosophy) 1955

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