A Modest Proposal Principal Works
by Jonathan Swift

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Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

A Discourse of the Contests and Dissensions between the Nobles and the Commons in Athens and Rome (essay) 1701

*A Tale of a Tub, Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind, to Which Is Added an Account of a Battel between the Antient and Modern Books in St. James's Library (satire) 1704

Predictions for the Year 1708, Wherein the Month and Day of the Month Are Set Down, the Persons Named, and the Great Actions and Events of Next Year Particularly Related, as They Will Come to Pass. Written to Prevent the People of England from Being Further Impos'd on by Vulgar Almanack-Makers [as Isaac Bickerstaff] (satire) 1708

Baucis and Philemon (poetry) 1709

A Project for the Advancement of Religion and the Reformation of Manners (essay) 1709

A Meditation upon a Broomstick (essay) 1710

The Conduct of the Allies, and of the Late Ministry in Beginning and Carrying on the Present War (essay) 1712

A Proposal for the Universal Use of Irish Manufacture, in Cloaths and Furniture of Houses, etc., Utterly Rejecting and Renouncing Every Thing Wearable That Comes from England (essay) 1720

The Present Miserable State of Ireland (essay) 1721

A Letter to Mr. Harding the Printer, Upon Occasion of a Paragraph in His Newspaper of August 1st Relating to Mr. Wood's Half-Pence [as M. B. Drapier] (essay) 1724

A Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Molesworth [as M. B. Drapier] (essay) 1724

A Letter to the Shop-Keepers, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Common People of Ireland, Concerning the Brass Half-Pence Coined by Mr. Woods, with a Design to Have Them Pass in This Kingdom [as M. B. Drapier] (essay) 1724

A Letter to the Whole People of Ireland [as M. B. Drapier] (essay) 1724

Some Observations upon a Paper Call'd The Report of the Committee of the Most Honourable the Privy-Council in England, Relating to Wood's Half-Pence [as M. B. Drapier] (essay) 1724

Cadenus and Vanessa (poetry) 1726

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts; By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and Then a Captain of Several Ships (satire) 1726

A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of the Poor People from Being a Burthen to Their Parents, or the...

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