(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Michael Timar

Michael Timar, a shrewd and wise man. He builds himself a fortune through his business dealings. He also builds a fortune for the woman he loves, using her inheritance. He comes to style himself Baron Michael Timar von Levetinczy. He marries Timéa, the woman he loves, only to find that she loves another man. Michael discovers that he loves a poor woman, Naomi, who lives on an isolated island. When he has a chance to disappear, through a case of mistaken identity, he goes to the island, where he and Naomi live simply in peace and contentment.


Timéa, Michael’s wife. She is the daughter of a political refugee. She loves Lieutenant Katschuka, but she marries Michael out of gratitude and is a faithful wife to him. After Michael’s supposed death, she marries the lieutenant.


Naomi, a woman who lives on an island with her mother. She loves Michael and bears him children. When he is supposedly dead, Michael goes to the island to live out his days with her and their progeny.

Ali Tschorbadschi

Ali Tschorbadschi, also known as Euthryn Trikaliss. He is Timéa’s father and a political refugee. When he dies, he leaves his daughter to the care of a distant relative, Athanas Brasowitsch.

Athanas Brasowitsch

Athanas Brasowitsch, a prosperous Hungarian trader who takes in the orphaned Timéa. He and his family make her their household servant and treat her shabbily.

Mrs. Brasowitsch

Mrs. Brasowitsch, Athanas’ vulgar and cruel wife.

Athalie Brasowitsch

Athalie Brasowitsch, Athanas’ daughter, who is betrothed to Lieutenant Katschuka. She tries to kill Timéa on the day Timéa marries Athalie’s fiancé.

Lieutenant Imre Katschuka

Lieutenant Imre Katschuka, a friend of Michael. He refuses to marry Athalie after her father loses his fortune. After Michael’s supposed death, the lieutenant marries Timéa, whom he loves.


Thérèse, a widow, Naomi’s mother. She takes refuge on an island.

Theodore Kristyan

Theodore Kristyan, a suitor for Naomi’s hand in marriage. He tries to blackmail Thérèse and, later, Michael. He drowns accidentally and is incorrectly identified as Michael.


Dodi, the illegitimate son of Michael and Naomi.