Modern Irish Literature Representative Works - Essay

Vivian Mercier

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

John Banville
Long Lankin (novel) 1970
Nightspawn (novel) 1971
Birchwood (novel) 1973
Copernicus (novel) 1976
Kepler (novel) 1981
The Newton Letter (novel) 1983
Mephisto (novel) 1986

Samuel Beckett
Molloy (novel) 1950
Malone Dies (novel) 1952
Waiting for Godot (drama) 1954
The Unnameable (novel) 1955
Endgame (drama) 1956
Krapp's Last Tape (drama) 1958
Radio II (drama) 1960
Happy Days (drama) 1961
Ghost Trio III (drama) 1976

Brendan Behan
The Quare Fellow (drama) 1956
The Hostage (drama) 1958
Borstal Boy (novel) 1961

Maeve Binchy
Light a Penny Candle (poetry) 1982
Echoes (novel) 1985

Elizabeth Bowen
The Hotel (novel) 1927
The Last September (novel) 1929
Friends and Relations (novel) 1931
To the North (novel) 1932
The Death of the Heart (novel) 1935
The House in Paris (novel) 1935
The Heat of the Day (novel) 1949
A World of Love (novel) 1955
The Little Girls (novel) 1964
Eva Trout (novel) 1968
The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen (short stories) 1981

John Boyd
The Flats (drama) 1971

Clare Boylan
Holy Pictures (novel) 1983

Ciaran Carson
The Irish for No (poetry) 1987

Austin Clarke
Pilgrimage (poetry) 1929
Collected Poems (poetry) 1936
Night and Morning (poetry) 1938
Ancient Lights (poetry) 1955
Later Poems (poetry) 1961
Flight to Africa (poetry) 1963
Mnemosyne Lay in Dust (poetry) 1966
Old-fashioned Pilgrimage (poetry) 1967
The Echo at Coole (poetry) 1968
Collected Poems (poetry) 1974

Anthony Cronin
The Life of Riley (novel) 1964
Dead as Doornails (autobiography) 1976
Identity Papers (novel) 1979

Denis Devlin
Lugh Derg and Other Poems (poetry) 1946
Collected Poems (poetry) 1963

Eilis Dillon
Across the Bitter Sea (novel) 1973
Blood Relations (novel) 1977

Paul Durcan
The Selected Paul Durcan (poetry) 1988

Padraic Fallon
Collected Poems (poetry) 1990

Bernard Farrell
I Do Not Like Thee, Dr. Fell (drama) 1979
Canaries (novel) 1980
All in Favour Said No! (drama) 1981
All the Way Back (drama) 1985
Say Cheese! (drama) 1987

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