Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Bartley Hubbard

Bartley Hubbard, a newspaperman who ranges from Equity, a small town in New England, to Whited Sepulchre, Arizona. His moral weakness manifests itself in his affairs with women, his shoddy business ethics, his indifferent attitude toward money, and his love of liquor. He spends most of his time running from debts and family obligations. He dies, shot down by an irate citizen, while he is editor of a small western newspaper.

Marcia Gaylord

Marcia Gaylord, an innocent New England girl whose impetuous marriage to Hubbard brings her unhappiness. Hubbard takes her to Boston, where their child, Flavia, is born. When pressed by financial problems, Hubbard deserts his wife and child and goes West. He attempts to divorce Marcia and is foiled only by the intervention of her father. Hubbard’s death makes it possible for Marcia to marry a good man and have a decent home.

Squire Gaylord

Squire Gaylord, Marcia’s father and Hubbard’s first employer on a New England newspaper, the Free Press. The squire recognizes Hubbard’s talent, but he opposes Hubbard’s suit for Marcia’s hand. He looks after his daughter’s affairs throughout her unfortunate marriage to the errant newspaperman. He dies of a stroke suffered during the trial for divorce Hubbard initiates against Marcia.

Ben Halleck

Ben Halleck, a member of one of Boston’s older...

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