The Modern Essay Representative Works

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Baldwin, James
Notes of a Native Son 1955
The Fire Next Time 1963

Beerbohm, Max
And Even Now 1920
A Peep into the Past, and Other Prose Pieces 1972

Belloc, Hilaire
On Nothing and Kindred Subjects 1908
On Everything 1910
One Thing and Another: A Miscellany from His Uncollected Essays 1955

Benchley, Robert
Of All Things 1921
No Poems, or, Around the World Backwards and Sideways 1932

Benson, A. C.
The Upton Letters, by T B. 1905
From a College Window 1906
Beside Still Waters 1907

Berry, Wendell
The Long-Legged House 1969
The Hidden Wound 1970

Chesterton, G. K.
Twelve Types 1902
Come to Think of It… 1930
The Common Man 1950

Didion, Joan
Slouching towards Bethlehem 1968
The White Album 1979

Dillard, Annie
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 1974
Teaching a Stone to Talk 1982
The Annie Dillard Reader 1994

Eliot, T. S.
The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism 1920
The Use of Poetry and The Use of Criticism: Studies in the Relation of Criticism to Poetry in England 1933

Lawrence, D. H.
Phoenix 1936
Phoenix II 1968

Liebling, A. J.
The Road Back to Paris 1944
The Most of A. J. Liebling 1963
Liebling at the New Yorker: Uncollected Essays 1994

Lopate, Phillip
Bachelorhood: Tales of the Metropolis 1981

Mailer, Norman
Existential Errands 1972
Pieces and Pontifications 1982

McPhee, John
The John McPhee Reader 1976
Coming into the Country 1977

Mencken, H. L.
Prejudices. 6 vols. 1921-1928
A Vintage Mencken 1955

Morley, Christopher
Off the Deep End 1928
Streamlines 1936

Orwell, George
Such, Such Were the Joys 1952

Ozick, Cynthia
Art and Ardor 1983
Metaphor and Memory 1989

Pickering, Jr., Samuel
A Continuing Education 1985
The Right Distance 1987
Trespassing 1994

Priestly, J. B.
Papers from Lilliput 1922
Talking 1926
Essays of Five Decades 1968

Quindlen, Anna
Living out Loud 1988
Thinking out Loud: On the Personal, the Political, and the Private 1993

Thurber, James
Alarms and Diversions 1957
The Thurber Carnival 1973

Walker, Alice
In Search of Our Mother's Gardens 1984
Living by the Word: Selected Writings 1973-1987 1988

White, E. B.
One Man's Meat 1942
The Second Tree from the Corner 1954
The Points of My Compass 1962
Essays of E. B. White 1977

Wilde, Oscar
Intentions 1891
The Soul of Man under Socialism 1898

Wolfe, Tom
The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby 1965
In Our Time 1980

Woolf, Virginia
A Room of One's Own 1929
Collected Essays 4 Vols. 1966-1967

Yeats, William Butler
Ideas of Good and Evil 1903
Essays and Introductions 1961