(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Captain John Farrago

Captain John Farrago, a man from colonial Western Pennsylvania. He takes his horse and his Irish servant, Teague, to go about seeing the country and observing human conduct. After many adventures that point out the foibles of human nature, the caption becomes, because of his learning and good sense, the governor of a new western territory. Being a rational man, he governs in the best Greek and Roman political traditions.

Teague O’Regan

Teague O’Regan, the captain’s cowardly but cunning rascal of a servant. He is proposed as a candidate for the legislature, has many amorous adventures, tries his luck at being an excise officer, goes on the stage as an Irish comedian, and serves as a newspaper editor, among other things. He is one of those literary rascals who always land on their feet. The author’s satire revolves around the absurdities that elevate the ignorant and roguish Teague to positions of authority and respectability.

Miss Fog

Miss Fog, a young heiress courted by Captain Farrago. Although he tries to please her, he finds that whatever he does insults the woman.


Jacko, Miss Fog’s other suitor, Captain Farrago’s rival. When Jacko sends a second to challenge the captain to a duel, the captain kicks the man out after telling him that dueling is unlawful.

Duncan Ferguson

Duncan Ferguson, a Scots emigrant who takes Teague’s place as Captain Farrago’s servant.