Mockingjay Overview Quiz

What message is on Katniss' bracelet? What has Peeta been released to do? eNotes' Mockingjay Overview Quiz asks questions on major and minor details to test your knowledge of Suzanne Collins' novel as a whole. Follow Katniss to the culmination of her mission against the Capitol and quiz yourself below!

  1. What does Katniss do that enrages the rebels?

  2. How many times has Katniss participated in the Hunger Games so far?

  3. What is the purpose of the Hunger Games?

  4. Why does Katniss stop making statements for the rebels?

  5. Who is being held captive in the Capitol?

  6. What message is on Katniss's bracelet?

  7. Who is killed when the parachutes explode?

  8. After Peeta's return, what does everyone in Katniss's unit believe about him?

  9. What has happened to Katniss's home in District 12?

  10. What powerful slogan does Katniss come up with for the rebellion?