Chapter 8 Summary

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After her spontaneous message to President Snow, the cameras stop rolling and Katniss’s adrenaline levels drop. Now, she feels injuries. When Boggs grabs her arm, she makes out that Gale broke the security guard’s nose. She proceeds to vomit on his bulletproof vest while he escorts her to a hovercraft that will return Katniss and her escort to District 13.

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When Katniss wakes up, she is in a hospital in District 13. Her mother, who is caring for her, informs Katniss that no one told her that Katniss was being sent into action. Katniss feels a moment of guilt and promises to ask permission next time. When her mother says that no one asks her for permission to do anything, Katniss argues that someone will notify her next time. Also, she was not meant to go into battle.

District 13 has already begun hacking into Panem’s broadcasting. Their first propo powerfully expresses Katniss’s message that if “we burn, you burn with us.” Now, Coin is recommending that they send Katniss into battle again, though only in carefully calculated scenarios. Fulvia has a “we remember” idea that will highlight the tributes that died during the Hunger Games. It seems like things are going well for Plutarch’s propaganda team. Katniss notices that Plutarch is reserving his right to take credit for when the Capitol is defeated. Then he will ask for his reward.

Katniss now returns to the hospital. When she wakes up, Haymitch is waiting. He explains that Katniss needs to listen to instructions to the future, and that he is prepared to have a device surgically implanted into her ear so that he will be able to speak to Katniss any time of the day. Katniss is also joined by Finnick, who is glad that Katniss’s propo explained what happened in District 8. However, he does not take pleasure in them.

Their conversation is interrupted when a Capitol propo is aired. Caesar Flickerman is once again interviewing Peeta, who now looks shockingly haggard. Katniss is distraught over what the Capitol might be doing to Peeta. His message is also disconcerting: he speaks directly into the camera, challenging Katniss to consider whether she can trust her new allies in District 13. Katniss knows that she does not trust Coin. However, when the propo finishes airing, Finnick tells Katniss to pretend like she did not see Peeta’s message. When Plutarch and Fulvia rush in to comfort Katniss, they are happy to see Katniss acting as though she missed his interview. They leave without mentioning Peeta.

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