Chapter 3 Summary

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Katniss has decided that she will become the Mockingjay. That night, she struggles to sleep and begins pacing. Prim wakes up. She is no longer an innocent little girl; she has now matured beyond her age and is able to comfort Katniss. Prim explains that as the Mockingjay, Katniss will be an important person within the rebellion. In other words, she can ask for whatever she wants. That means that she could ask for Peeta to be pardoned, though Prim points out that there is no guarantee that Coin will keep her word. The next morning, she talks with Gale over a carefully rationed breakfast, and they come up with a longer list of demands.

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When Katniss arrives at Command, she begins negotiations with President Coin and her committee. Plutarch Havensbee, the former Head Gamesmaker, is one of the advisers. Katniss’s first request, that they be allowed to keep Buttercup, seems like a small detail, but the District 13 advisers point out that it is logistically difficult in an underground facility that is monitored so closely. However, they agree to move Katniss’s family closer to the surface, which will make it easier to keep the cat. They also agree to let Gale and Katniss spend time hunting every day. It seems like things are going well.

However, when Katniss demands that Peeta and the other captive victors be granted immunity, Coin refuses. Katniss argues that it is Coin’s fault that Peeta is being held captive and that he is being interviewed calling for cease-fires. She demands that Coin not only grant immunity, but that she do so publicly. Coin’s advisers, including Plutarch Havensbee, suddenly speak up, pointing out how passionate Katniss is. When she speaks like this, she is indeed the Mockingjay that they need. Coin relents, and she agrees to flip a coin with Katniss over the last demand: that Katniss be allowed to kill President Snow.

Katniss and Gale are now escorted away by Plutarch and Fulvia, who have defected from the Capitol. They show Katniss designs for her new uniform, which were drawn up by Cinna before he was killed by the Capitol. They also inform Katniss that she will be in featured in “propos,” or propaganda shows. Finally, they decide to take her to room 3908, which is far below the surface. However, when they get there, a guard denies them access. Katniss can hear the sound of people whimpering, and she and Gale outmaneuver the guard. Inside a cell, they find Katniss’s Hunger Games prep team.

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