Chapter 14 Summary

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Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 413

Katniss has been in District 2 for two weeks. Worried over Peeta, Katniss has been filming propos as much as she can. She has been moved from one site to another throughout her stay in District 2, but she much prefers being aboveground to life in the subterranean military complex in District 13. Although Katniss has not been invited to fight, she has been invited to strategy meetings. Unfortunately, Plutarch’s words are proving true: District 2 is proving to be a “tough nut to crack.”

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The Capitol forces are secure inside their mountain fortress, which the rebels now refer to as the Nut. The Capitol stronghold used to be a mine. However, when District 13 seized control of the Capitol’s subterranean military complex, the Capitol was forced to create a new stronghold for their military forces, not to mention their nuclear weapons. Buried deep within a mountain network of abandoned tunnels and train tracks, the Capitol forces appear to be unreachable and perhaps invincible. The rebels have tried to storm the entrances several times, but each attack has been beaten back.

Now, the rebels are sending their “brains.” Beetee and Gale arrive and they begin to consider alternative strategies. While others are still focused on finding a more successful way to storm the entrances, Gale suddenly realizes that they can ensnare the fortress as though it was a wolf den. Gale explains that a hunter cannot enter a wolf den, but there are other options. He proposes using explosives to create an avalanche that would trap the Capitol forces inside. Beetee suggests that it would be all but impossible to control the avalanches. Gale suggests that if they are willing to sacrifice the fortress and the lives within, the plan would work. However, it would mean killing everyone inside.

Meanwhile, things have not been going well for Peeta back in District 13. Katniss now learns that Peeta’s rescue may have been allowed to happen. In fact, if they had not rescued Peeta, they would likely have found him wrapped in ribbons to be returned to Katniss. Katniss receives word from Plutarch, who always tries to put a positive spin on things, that advances are being made. However, Haymitch admits that the progress is insignificant. Still, Prim has come up with a new treatment. They will again force Peeta to endure the tracker jacker hallucinations, but this time they will expose him to positive memories of Katniss. So far, the treatment has left Peeta disoriented and confused.

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