Moby Dick Overview Quiz

Call me Ishmael. This is one of the most famous lines in all of literature, but what else do you know about Moby Dick by Herman Melville? Take the quiz over the classic novel from eNotes about a man's battle with the big white whale and find out!

  1. What does Fedallah claim is the only thing that can kill the captain?

  2. About what does the old man Elijah warn both Ishmael and Queequed?

  3. How does Ahab die?

  4. What unusual item does Ahab the blacksmith use in constructing his special harpoon?

  5. Who regularly appeals to Ahab to give up, reform, and go home?

  6. For how many days does the crew fight Moby-Dick?

  7. What reward will Ahab give to the first man who spots the white whale, Moby-Dick?

  8. To what does Ishmael largely attribute Ahab's dark nature?

  9. What biblical tale does Ishmael here at the whaleman's chapel prior to his journey?

  10. What is the sole purpose of this voyage for Captain Ahab?