Moby Dick Chapters 93-99 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 93-99 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is a ship-keeper?

2. Why was Pip put into Stubb’s boat?

3. Why was Tashtego reluctant to cut the line to save Pip?

4. How was Pip rescued?

5. What was the cause of Ishmael’s disorientation?

6. What are the try-works?

7. How is the oil stored?

8. What was on top of each mountain engraved on the coin?

9. What country had minted the doubloon?

10. What would Flask buy if he won the doubloon?

1. Ship-keepers are the men who handle the ship while the whale boats are out. Pip was usually a ship-keeper.

2. One of Stubb’s oarsmen had been injured.

3. Tashtego would lose the whale he had harpooned.

4. The Pequod picked up Pip.

5. Ishmael, half asleep, had turned around toward the stern.

6. The try-works are brick kilns used to melt down the blubber.

7. The oil is put in casks and stored in the hold.

8. On one mountain was fire; on another, a tower; on the third, a crowing cock.

9. The doubloon was from Ecuador.

10. Flask would buy 1,660 cigars.