Moby Dick Chapters 67-71 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 67-71 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How is blubber removed from the whale?

2. Why is the word “blanket” an appropriate term?

3. Who cuts the scarf line into the blubber?

4. Who attends the whale funeral?

5. What fraction of a whale is made up of its head?

6. To what does Ishmael compare the whale head? Why?

7. Why does Captain Mayhew not board the Pequod as is the custom?

8. How do the men aboard the Jeroboam feel about Gabriel?

9. Specifically, how was Macey killed?

10. Why would Gabriel think an attack on Moby Dick was blasphemy?

1. The blubber is peeled off in a spiral. A hook on a pulley draws the huge strip up the mast.

2. The blanket, or blubber, keeps the whale warm in frigid seas.

3. Starbuck and Stubb cut the scarf line into the blubber.

4. The attendees, sharks and sea-vultures, make a funeral banquet of the whale.

5. The head makes up one-third of the whale.

6. The head is as silent as the ancient Sphinx.

7. Captain Mayhew does not want to spread the epidemic that plagues his ship.

8. The men both fear and revere Gabriel. They told their captain that they would desert the ship if Gabriel were put off it.

9. Moby Dick’s fluke knocked him out of the boat.

10. Gabriel believed Moby Dick to be his Shaker god.